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SB2SM - Saclay

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The scientific projects of the laboratory are organized around the photocatalysis as central thematic. Photocatalysis is considered as one of the pillars of green chemistry as it uses light as a source of clean energy to perform important chemical transformations such as the conversion and storage of solar energy, water pollution and various oxidation reactions. We are committed to this theme by developing molecular photocatalytic systems, inspired by the structure of the active site and the function of natural enzymes. The aim is to develop synthetic analogues, as effective, without noble metals but with a robustness that allows their application. These molecular devices should be interfaced on (semi) conductive materials in such a way as to obtain integrated photoelectrodes in photoelectrochemical cells.

We give great importance to the functional characterization of our modular photocatalysts to understand the mechanisms involved, to identify locks and to direct the synthesis of ever more efficient systems. One of the major difficulties is to effectively couple the processes of photonic absorption and the separation of electronic mono loads with the multielectronic catalysis by the accumulation of loads on catalytic sites. The strategy pursued is to incorporate relay groups to optimize the unidirectional transfer of electrons and protons and characterize the different stages of advancement of the catalytic cycle by spectroscopic studies resolved in time with multiple excitation.

Service de Bioénergétique, Biologie Structurale et Mécanismes (SB2SM)
CEA Saclay, iBiTec-S
Biochimie Biophysique et Biologie Structurale (B3S)
I2BC, UMR 9198
91191 Gif-sur-Yvette