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IC2MP - Poitiers

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IC2MP - Poitiers
IC2MP - Poitiers

A micro-fluidic photo electrochemical reactor system to measure the dye discoloration/degradation kinetics under photocatalytic condition or photo-electrocatalytic condition (applied bias).

One of the topics at SAMCat group ( in IC2MP-CNRS 7285 ( of the University of Poitiers is devoted to study oxides, metals, and alloys in the nanoscale domain for energy and environmental issues using photoelectrochemistry. For the chemical energy conversion, e.g. in low temperature fuel cell, semiconducting oxides are interesting materials to be used as supports to enhance the interaction with the catalytic centers. The strongly modified opto-electronic oxide supports (metal-like) generated by a chemical doping process still allows the deposition of catalytic centers using UV-Vis photons to anchor such catalytic centers in a selective way even if such oxide centers are embedded in a carbon amorphous matrix (composites). On the other hand, our group is also interested to modify the optoelectronic properties of large band-gap semiconducting materials to render them sensitive to visible photons, and or modifying such oxide center with earth abundant elements as cocatalysts for the discoloration/degradation process used in typical photocatalytic experiments. In this sense, the group pursue a technique (combining photocatalysis and photoelectrochemistry in one system) to channel in an efficient way the photogenerated charges in a laminar flow micro-reactor set up (see figure) to be used as platform for materials’ evaluation.

4, rue Michel Brunet - B27 BP 633 - TSA 51106
F-86022 Poitiers Cedex, France

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